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External module Main

Wrattler can run as a stand-alone system or as a JupyterLab extension. It is also possible to create new instance of Wrattler inside any web page (provided that you give it URLs for all the services it needs). This module is the main entry point if you want to manage Wrattler notebook instances on your own.

  • This module exports the Wrattler class. When loaded, it also sets window.wrattler to a new instance of the class so that it is easier to use it inside web projects as a stand-alone JS file. The class provides methods for configuring language plugins (LanguagePlugins type) and creating notebooks.

  • WrattlerNotebook interface represents a created notebook. It provides methods for accessing document contents and lets you register handler that is triggered whenever the user makes a change in a notebook.




Type aliases

Type aliases


LanguagePlugins: object

A dictionary that associates a language plugin with a language name.

Type declaration

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